Dala Gel Medium is a creamy, white paint additive that dries to a transparent finish. It is a very versatile product lending itself to many art and craft applications. IDEAL FOR: MANY ART AND CRAFT APPLICATIONS 1. It can be added to acrylic paint as an extender, as well as to dilute colours. It can also be used as a paint thickener for impasto effects; 2. Can be added to powder tempera as a binder, turning tempera into an acrylic paint and increasing its adhesive properties; 3. Can be applied as a protective last layer or sealant much like podge; 4. Can be used as a fabric stiffener for sculptural effects, as well as a glue for working with tricky, soft materials; mixed media and collage projects; 5. It can be used as a base to create ones own texture paste; 6. It is the best glue to use as a binder when making paper mache, and 7. Can be used as an image transferring medium.